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Residential pressure washing requires a special breed of contractor. The company you hire should be insured and have an attention to detail that puts your property first. All UAMCC contractors are verified as having insurance and being registered as a business. Hiring a UAMCC contractor gives you piece of mind.


Clean vinyl sidingHouse Washing

Mother nature is constantly assaulting your home. Mold, dirt and carbon stick to your house causing degradation to your aluminum or vinyl siding, stucco or wood. A pressure cleaning of your exterior is the solution. Many contractors prefer to utilize landscape friendly cleaners and low pressure to perform the job.




Find an insured exterior home cleaning specialist in your area.



roof cleaningRoof Cleaning

Have you seen those black streaks on your roof? Those streaks are caused by an algae called gloeocapsa magma. This algae travels through the air from roof to roof and causes the staining you may have on your home. Your roof can look new again with an application of specialty cleaner and VERY low pressure rinsing.


Find an insured roof cleaning specialist in your area.


Deck CleaningFence and Deck Cleaning, Staining and Restoration

Fence and deck cleaning and staining is a bit more of an art than other forms of pressure washing. Wood is more prone to damage from the use of high pressure by an inexperienced contractor. Issues of ultraviolet damage as well as checking, cracking and cupping caused by moisture exchange can turn your deck into an eyesore. A qualified contractor will know how to eradicate mold and remove old finishes without resorting to high pressure blasting then follow that cleaning with a high quality sealing product.


Find an insured wood restoration specialist in your area.

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